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    1. 4A Normal Molecular Sieve4A normal molecular sieve can be used for deep water removing and drying of gases and liquids such as air, natural gas, alkane, freezing medium, organic solvent and more. Besides, it is applicable to purification of argon, moisture removal in paints, dyes and coatings industry ...
    1. 4A-DG Molecular Sieve4A-DG molecular sieve is mainly suitable for deep dehydration dry of natural gas, high strength of which can fully guarantee its service life. Also, it can absorb moisture in natural gas, a small amount of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other trace impurities.

4A Molecular Sieve

4A molecular sieve, also called sodium A type molecular sieve, is sodium type silica aluminates with main crystal pore size of 4 angstroms or 0.4 nm.

Classic packing
4A molecular sieve should be packed in closed iron drum with the net weight of 125 Kg in strip and 150 Kg in spherical.

HADsiev Engineering is a professional 4A molecular sieve manufacturer in China. We offer 4A-DG molecular sieve, 13X-HP molecular sieve, 3A-IGU insulating glass molecular sieve, and more.

Other Products
    1. 3A Normal Molecular Sieve3A normal molecular sieve can be used to dry petroleum pyrolysis gas and unsaturated hydrocarbon materials, such as ethylene, propylene, butadiene, acetylene and more, or benzene, toluene, xylene and other solvents, such as methanol and ethanol. Also, it helps dry carbon dioxide gas in food grade, coal oil and jet fuel.
    1. 3A-XH Molecular Sieve Desiccant for Refrigerants3A-XH molecular sieve desiccant for refrigerants is silica aluminates in potassium and sodium form with a pore opening of 3 angstroms or 0.3 nm. It is a generic kind of desiccant, which can be classified as three types of molsieve adsorbent, XH-7 type, XH-9 type and XH-11 type.
    1. 5A Molecular Sieve5A molecular sieve is calcium and sodium type silica aluminates with crystal pore diameter of 5 angstroms or 0.5 nm. It is widely used in air purification system for removal of impurities such as water, carbon dioxide, acetylene and so on. Also, we apply our product to purification, dryness and separation of inert gas ...
    1. 13X-PG Molecular Sieve13X-PG molecular sieve can provide the function of purifying the gas in air separation unit, removing water, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon, as well as desulfurization of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and liquid alkanes such as propane, butane and so on.
    1. 13X-APG Molecular Sieve13X-APG molecular sieve is suitable for dryness of general industrial gas, as well as purification of virgin gas in air separation equipment which also removes water, carbon dioxide and some hydrocarbon in the meantime. In order to meet the special needs of deep cooling air separation field ...