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Other Adsorbents

Porous materials are widely used in various industrial areas, and molecular sieve as a microporous material are popularly applied petrochemical, fine chemicals and household chemicals industries, functioning as catalysts, iron exchanges and adsorption separation materials.

HADsiev Engineering is one of the largest zeolite adsorbents manufacturing groups in Asia, covering molecular sieves and activated alumina and so on. The annual production capacity of molecular sieve reaches 16,000 metric tons, with 4 subsidiary factories, 6 production lines and a raw powder production bases. As the only company which has a completed industry chain, HADsiev Engineering covers product R&D, manufacturing, sales and transportation. According to the systematic management, HADsiev Engineering obtains such capacity to supply customers immediately with controllable quality products.

As a China-based activated alumina manufacturer, HADsiev Engineering offers a broad range of products that includes Compressed air drying activated alumina, 13X-APG molecular sieve, 4A-N activated powder, and more.

Other Products
    1. Fluoride Removing Activated AluminaFluoride removing activated alumina is mainly used for fluoride removal from drinking water. Despite of worldwide programs for drinking water fluoridating, enough fluorine in water may result in fluorosis in Jaipur region of India or other certain regions.
    1. Hydrogen Peroxide Activated AluminaHydrogen peroxide activated alumina is mainly used for reclaiming degradation product in the working fluid on production process of hydrogen peroxide by Anthraquinone method. It is superior to other method for degradation especially used in the plants of palladium catalyst and nickel catalyst with three components.