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    1. 3A-H Activated Powder3A-H activated powder can not only be added to composite strip of insulating glass for amorphous desiccant use, but also be applied to polyurethane products such as coatings, adhesives and sealants, which can avoid bubble and prolong its service life.
    1. 4A-N Activated Powder4A-N activated powder can provide such functions as reducing water, eliminating bubble, as well as improving the uniformity and intensity of materials when used in coatings, paints, resins, plus additives or aggregate of some adhesives. On process of polyurethane products ...
    1. 5A-E Activated Powder5A-E activated powder can adsorb water and other impurities which affects product quality with no change in its physical and chemical performance for the production of polyurethane products. Besides, our activated powder can be used as selective adsorbent to be added to specific polymers ...
    1. 10A-P Activated Powder10A-P activated powder, as functional filling material, is widely used in medicine, food, rubber, plastics, paints, coatings, cosmetic industry.

Molecular Sieve Activated Powder

Molecular sieve activated powder possesses good dispersion and extremely fast adsorption speed. As functional additive, our product can be used in special adsorption occasions, such as mixing and dispersing with the material for amorphous desiccant, etc.

Typical Wrapping
Molecular sieve activated powder should be wrapped into composite bag with net weight of 20 Kg.

Notice about Molecular Sieve Activated Powder
Our product has strong moisture absorption, so there is no allowance for exposure to air, and its storage method is to be placed in a dry place.

As a professional molecular sieve activated powder manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer 4A-N activated powder, activated alumina, 3A-IGU insulating glass molecular sieve, 5A Molecular Sieve, and more.

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    1. Fluoride Removing Activated AluminaFluoride removing activated alumina is mainly used for fluoride removal from drinking water. Despite of worldwide programs for drinking water fluoridating, enough fluorine in water may result in fluorosis in Jaipur region of India or other certain regions.
    1. Hydrogen Peroxide Activated AluminaHydrogen peroxide activated alumina is mainly used for reclaiming degradation product in the working fluid on production process of hydrogen peroxide by Anthraquinone method. It is superior to other method for degradation especially used in the plants of palladium catalyst and nickel catalyst with three components.