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    1. 3A-ETH Ethanol Dehydration Molecular Sieve3A-ETH ethanol dehydration molecular sieve is potassium and sodium type silica aluminates with crystal pore diameter of 3 angstroms or 0.3 nm. It features strong water absorption, high strength, low abrasion wear and so on.
    1. 3A-EPG Molecular Sieve3A-EPG molecular sieve is specialized for the deep dry of pyrolysis gas in ethylene industry. It features high stability and low abrasion rate, providing the longest life and minimum pressure drop in use.
      We put 3A molecular sieve in a sealed iron drum with the net weight of 125 Kg.
    1. 4A-AB Air Brake System Molecular Sieve4A-AB air brake system molecular sieve is sodium aluminosilicate, and its crystal pore opening is 4 angstroms or 0.4 nm. It can be specialized in dryness of automobile air system, involving the water removal of automobile air conditioning system and air brake system.
    1. 3A-IGU Insulating Glass Molecular SieveSince it continuously and deeply adsorb the residual water and organic volatile in the interlayer of insulating glass, 3A-IGU insulating glass molecular sieve can effectively prevent condensation frosting phenomenon and remain smooth and transparent at very low temperature.
    1. 5A-H2 Hydrogen Generation Molecular Sieve Adsorbent5A-H2 hydrogen generation molecular sieve adsorbent is calcium sodium aluminosilicate and its crystal pore diameter is 5 angstroms or 0.5 nm. It is mainly used for pressure swing adsorption equipment to produce hydrogen and carbon monoxide, as well as for the equipment to separate normal alkane ...
    1. 5A-O2 Molecular Sieve for Oxygen Concentrator5A-O2 molecular sieve for oxygen concentrator can provide better effect in specific areas, applied to pressure swing adsorption for air separation to nitrogen and oxygen, as well as preparation of oxygen and oxygen enriched air, and small devices for preparation of oxygen in medical use.
    1. 5A-RK29 Molecular Sieve for Desulphurization5A-RK29 molecular sieve for desulphurization is calcium sodium aluminosilicates and its crystal pore size amounts to 5 angstroms or 0.5 nm. It is mainly used for the removal of H2S, COS and light thiol from natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas.
    1. Li-LAX20 VPSA & PSA Lithium Molecular SieveLi-LAX20 VPSA & PSA lithium molecular sieve is a synthetic zeolite of lithium type crystal structure, applicable to rich oxygen generation, as well as air separation to oxygen and nitrogen. Compared to common molecular sieve in calcium and sodium form for oxygen generation ...

Special molecular sieve

Special molecular sieve can achieve better effect when used in specific areas.

General Packaging
Special molecular sieve should be packed in closed iron drum of 150 Kg.

Our products have strong moisture absorption, so the exposure to air is not allowed, and we should put the special molecular sieve in a dry place for storage.

HADsiev Engineering is a professional special molecular sieve manufacturer in China. We offer 3A-ETH ethanol dehydration molecular sieve, 4A normal molecular sieve, 10X molecular sieve, activated alumina, and much more.

Other Products
    1. 3A-H Activated Powder3A-H activated powder can not only be added to composite strip of insulating glass for amorphous desiccant use, but also be applied to polyurethane products such as coatings, adhesives and sealants, which can avoid bubble and prolong its service life.
    1. 4A-N Activated Powder4A-N activated powder can provide such functions as reducing water, eliminating bubble, as well as improving the uniformity and intensity of materials when used in coatings, paints, resins, plus additives or aggregate of some adhesives. On process of polyurethane products ...