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Our factory is the only Chinese manufacturer of molecular sieve products who uses production equipment imported from America, thus we can ensure high strength of adsorbent and high adsorption performance. Our equipment includes the KTU gas adsorption detector provided by the American Air Company, titration detector imported from Mexico, as well as an intensity measuring device, wear rate tester, static water adsorption tester, and carbon dioxide adsorption detector developed solely by our company. Other equipment measures density, water content of packaging, and more, so we can provide special molsieve adsorbent, molecular sieve activated powder, and activated alumina of high standard and high performance.

We use three domestic suppliers of raw materials, and two of them participate in shares, so that we can efficiently control the cost and quality of our raw materials from the source and ensure their timely delivery. With four spherical production lines and two strip production lines, our factory can achieve an annual capacity of 12,000 tons of molecular sieve adsorbent, enough to meet the needs of customers for any order in any season. Also, various types of packaging, such as sealed iron drum, corrugated fiberboard box, polyethylene composite bag, polyvinyl chloride plastic bucket and more, can satisfy the flexible requirements of users from all walks of life.

What's more, we invest 3 million CNY annually in improving our production process, training our staff in quality inspection aspects, and skill training and assessment testing organized by domestic industry association three times a year. As a result, we can promise that our molecular sieve products will satisfy.

Our factory is thirty minutes from both the Pudong Airport and Yangshan Port, making it extremely easy for scheduled flights and containers to travel. Our joint logistics subsidiary, named Link Logistics China, can provide smooth and timely export traffic of products, so that customers have no worry about orders. All our molsieve adsorbent, molecular sieve activated powder, and activated alumina products can be exported to the Americas, Japan,Korea, Southeast Asian, Europe, and Commonwealth of Independent States.

HAD Molecular Sieve Co., Ltd is one of the largest zeolite adsorbents manufacturing groups in Asia, covering molecular sieves and activated alumina and so on. The annual production capacity of molecular sieve reaches 16,000 metric tons, with 4 subsidiary factories, 6 production lines and a raw powder production base. As the only company which has a completed industry chain, our company manages product research and development, manufacturing, sales and transportation. According to the systematic management, HADsiev Engineering obtains such excellent capacity to supply customers immediately with controllable quality products.

Molecular sieves own the unique characteristic of selective adsorption of water and other polar substances. With the highly polar surface within the pores as the main driving force for adsorption, our product can be easily distinguished from other commercially available adsorbents, which can enable an extremely high adsorption capacity for water and other polar components even at very low temperature.

Besides, the pore size of molecular sieve plays an important role in allowing or prohibiting the entrance of molecules to the pore system. Thus, its adsorption depends on such physical molecular properties as size, shape and molecular polarity. In detail, molecules, which are larger than the pore opening of the molecular sieve, can not be adsorbed, but smaller molecules can be done. Also, molecules with large polarity or polarizability can be adsorbed preferentially under identical conditions.

As microporous material, molecular sieve is widely used in various industrial areas, such as petrochemical, fine chemicals and household chemicals, functioning as catalyst, iron exchanges, as well as adsorption and separation materials.