4A-AB Air Brake System Molecular Sieve

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4A-AB Air Brake System Molecular Sieve


4A-AB air brake system molecular sieve is sodium aluminosilicate, and its crystal pore opening is 4 angstroms or 0.4 nm. It can be specialized in dryness of automobile air system, involving the water removal of automobile air conditioning system and air brake system.

Technical Specification 8*12 Mesh
Bead Distribution
< 0,25mm (dust content):
0,25mm – 0,5mm;
0,5mm – 1,0mm;
1,0mm – 1,8mm;
1,8mm – 2,24mm;
Max. 0,005 wt%
Max. 0,1 wt%
Max. 0,3 wt%
Max. 6,0 wt%
Max. 85wt%
Max. 35wt%
0 wt%
Bulk Density 7800+/-30 g/l
Crush Strength Average of 50 beads Single bead Bead Size:1,8-2,24mm Bead Size: >=2,24mm
Min. 50N Min. 50N
Min. 19N Min. 19N
Dry abbrasion Wet abbrasion

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