Activated Alumina Catalyst Carrier

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Activated Alumina Catalyst Carrier

Activated alumina is not only an efficient desiccant, but is also a common catalyst carrier.

There are a variety of different activated alumina catalysts in different industries, including gamma activated product, catalyst carriers, claus catalyst and chloride removal catalyst, COS catalyst and sulfur removal catalyst, and more.

Alumina catalyst carriers have a high surface area and catalyzes the conversion of H2S and O2 into S and H2O in the sulfur recovery unit (SRU). Compared with other similar industrial products, alumina catalysts are more efficient and have been widely used in industrial uses thanks to its superior working ability and cost-effective performance.

Technical specification
Property Beads
Al2O3 >93 wt%
Na2O < 0.3 wt%
Appearance Φ4 – 6 mm
Bulk Density 43.7 – 50.0 lb/ft3
Average Crush Strength ≥26.4 lbf
Specific Surface Area >300 m2/g
Pore Volume >0.40 mL/g
Attrition ≤1 wt%
Loss On Ignition 1,832˚F < 6 wt%
Packing 150kg/ Drum

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